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Redesigning job and allowing employees to do what they are good at creates a sense of belongingness in them towards the organization.

Supportive resources such as technology and assistant staff to work under these employees can also be provided to ease the responsibilities Miner, Assistance of supervisors can also be sought. The most practical and reliable technique of getting information regarding job is through personal observation of the work performed, coupled with the discussion with the supervisor of the job.

Next is to reallocation of new or altered tasks and functions to employees. This will mean redesigning the job. According to Michael J. Job redesigning process involves recollecting and revising job-related information to determine the inconsistency between person and the job.

Basically, the sales clerk should assist any customer who needs help in identifying various goods, their uses and their prices. Preparing Job Descriptions and Job Classifications: Job analysis Redesigning a job description essay the process used to identify these requirements.

Brings the Sense of Belongingness in Employees: The next step is to amend the job elements. The basic aim of altering the job content is to design a job in such a manner that encourages employees to work harder and perform better.

The role of the customer care desk will be taken in shifts and every sales clerk will have an opportunity to serve the customers.

In this method a detailed questionnaire is prepared by the Job analyst and distributed among the workers. This technique can do much to dispel any doubts and suspicions which might be held. Job analysis helps the industrial engineers in designing the job by making comprehensive study of the job elements.

It also helps in time and motion study, work specifications, methods and work place improvement and work measurement. It may include cut back on extra responsibilities or addition of more functions and a higher degree of accountability.

Some of the definitions of job analysis are given as follows, to understand the meaning of the term more clearly: In order to hire the personnel on the scientific basis, it is very necessary to determine in advance a standard of performance with which applicants can be compared. It is an effective strategy to retain the talent in the organization and encouraging them to carry out their responsibilities in a better fashion.

Job redesigning process involves recollecting and revising job-related information to determine the inconsistency between person and the job. It is also the duty of the clerk to replenish stock on the display and to keep the display area orderly at all times.

It may also be useful to crosscheck the information obtained with the incumbents of identical or similar jobs. Such information is helpful in vocational guidance and rehabilitation counselling.

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Separate job description forms may be used for various activities in the job and may be compiled later on. The analyst should use these techniques in combination and not in isolation to get better results.

This should be coupled with constant training to ensure improvement of skills. The sales clerk will be responsible for customer questions and queries. The analyst should also determine for what purpose and to what extent jobs must be analysed and how the information will be used.

The information can be obtained in one of the following ways: To illustrate the application of job enrichment as a tool for employee motivation, this paper will focus on redesigning the job of a retail sales clerk.

Job information which has been collected must be processed to prepare the job description form. Altering their job functions and duties makes employees much comfortable and adds to their satisfaction level.

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Reshuffling the Job-related Tasks and Duties:Redesigning the Job: The next step is to redesign the job, if necessary.

7. Preparing Job Descriptions and Job Classifications: Job information which has been collected must be processed to prepare the job description form. It is a statement showing full details of the activities of the job. Redesigning a Job Description.

ment. A traditional job description will be developed and by using job characteristics described by Richard Hackman and Greg Oldhan they will be modified.

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Paper will try to seek out that whether redesigning the job increase or decrease employee motivation or it has no effect. Job Redesign is basically a process of 'restructuring' job i.e. adding similar tasks and responsibilities to the current job/5(3).

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Restructuring the elements including tasks, duties and responsibilities of a specific job in order to make it more encouraging and inspiring for the employees or workers is known as job redesigning. The process includes revising, analyzing, altering, reforming and reshuffling the job-related content.

Thus, Job enlargement is the procedure of redesigning Job or modifying work so that employees can feel more involved in and responsible for what they do. 3). Job Enrichment: The most comprehensive approach to Job design, is Job enrichment, which entails a verticals expansion of Job duties.

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